Running with the Waves is a fanzine centered on the character Nami from One Piece. In this project we will explore the different stages Nami goes through in her life, from her childhood to her first time meeting Luffy up to her current adventures in the land of Wano.


Some dates are still TBA.
Those will be updated as we go.

🍊 Contributor applications: March 20 - April 20
🍊 Result emails sent: April 28 - 30
🍊 Check-in #1: May 13 - May 19
🍊 Check-in #2: June 17 - June 23
🍊 Check-in #3: July 7 - July 13
🍊 Final check-in: July 28 - Aug 6
🍊 Pre-orders: Aug ~ Sept
🍊 Production period: TBA
🍊 Shipping: TBA


If you have a question that is not listed feel free to ask us over on our social media or CuriousCat!

Make sure to check our information doc beforehand though, as your question might have already been answered over there! πŸ—ΊοΈ

🍊 What is required to submit an application?
You can find all requirements here.

🍊 What is this zine's theme?
Our zine will focus on Nami throughout her life stages. The zine will be divided into three parts: Nami's childhood, Nami pre-timeskip (from her time as a cat burglar up until the Summit War Saga) and her time post-timeskip (from the Return to Sabaody Arc/Reunion Arc onwards).

🍊 Will headcanons and/or AUs be allowed in the zine?
While headcanons are allowed (as long as they stay true to the general rules of the zine), we will not feature any form of AU.

🍊 Can I apply to multiple positions?
Yes! Please fill out a form for each position that you’re interested in. Please note that you may only be selected for one position.

🍊 Will contributors be compensated?
Contributors who are over 18 will be compensated by PayPal.

Minors who are not capable of receiving direct payments will get the option to choose between either getting compensated with merch/stretch goal items or have their share being donated to charity.

Mod Team

🍊 Head Mod & Formatting: Colours
🍊 Co-Head Mod & Graphics: Ray
🍊 General Organization & Social Media Mod: Mack
🍊 Finance & Shipping Mod: Imani
🍊 Production Mod: Alley
🍊 Writer Mod: Nana

If you have any questions for or about the team, feel free to DM us on any social media or ask on our CuriousCat!

For full information, including mod experience, make sure to check our information doc!


🍊 General Guidelines
Applicants must be at least 13 years oldApproved contributors must follow the schedule and have time for the project and the deadlinesDiscord is mandatory for the project; applicants must have a Discord accountYou may submit one of your social media accounts as a portfolio as long as it's visible to non-followersApplications with non-working links (including Google Drive links that are not made public) will not be consideredNSFW work will not be considered in any category (fanart and fanfiction)
🍊 Requirements: Page Artist
Applicants must submit three (3) artworks representing their best workApplicants must show a good understanding of human anatomySubmitting One Piece/Nami art as one of your samples is preferred but not requiredAt least one (1) piece must feature one or more human characterAt least one (1) piece must feature a fully rendered background
🍊 Requirements: Merch Artist
Applicants must submit at least three (3) artworks representing their best workApplicants must submit at least one (1) example of their own merch or artwork that is fit for merch production
🍊 Requirements: Writers
Applicants must submit three (3) pieces of fanfiction that represent their best workEach sample must have a word count of at least 1.5k words but no more than 3k words. Anything falling wildly out of that range will not be taken into accountSubmitting One Piece/Nami fanfiction as one of your samples is preferred but not required